Dear All,

With reference to our traditional monthly alumni meetings, it is my pleasure to invite you all to join our November meeting, which will exceptionally take place on the 3rd Thursday in November which is the 17th of November (due to the Independence Day).

The topic of our November meeting and discussion will lead us to "New energy-related business opportunities as derivatives from the transformation of the polish energy sector".

During this session I will present you the actual status of the energy sector after its deregulation, outline the trends of its future development and indicate potential fields / areas of upcoming new energy-sector-related businesses. But that's business as usual....

....after tough negotiations with the artist it is a real honor for me to announce that our mate Debbie has agreed to give a small concert on transverse flute to the Club Members, which will clearly be the highlight of our Pre-Christmas meeting.

See Debbie on YouTube>  


NuNuNu Jazz Bistro
ul. Zurawia 6/12
Warsaw, Poland


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Deadline: 11/17/2011


Christoph Michalak, ´10 (EXP-15)