Setting Effective Professional Boundaries

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of San Francisco

The University of Chicago Women's Business Group (UCWBG)

July 13, 2012: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Successfully setting boundaries or limits with others is at the foundation of effective relationships, whether at work or in someone's personal life. When we are able to set them, we feel more empowered, focused, and happier. This webinar is an opportunity for you to sharpen your boundary setting skills AND leave with tactics to address common boundary issues.


Chicago, Illinois

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Typical professional boundary issues include:

• We are overwhelmed with demands that are made on us.

• People say they will do something, but they don't do it.

• Roles, responsibilities, and expectations aren't clear.

• Coworkers continually come to meetings late and/or meetings are unproductive.

• Staff members go around us to get things done when they clearly should be asking us first.

• People continually interrupt us

• We take on more assignments than we have time to do well.

• We work late hours at the expense of our family or friends and our own mental and physical well-being.

• We often check our computers and mobile devices after work.

Participants will leave with knowledge about the definition of a "boundary," why people are afraid of setting them, and specific steps they may take that can help them be successful.


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The webinar will be from 12 - 1 pm CT

Deadline: 7/12/2012

Speaker Profiles

Mark Sachs (Speaker)
Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching, Mark Sachs & Associates

For the last 15 years, Mark Sachs has been an organizational consultant and executive coach.

In his consulting practice, his areas of expertise include improving open communication among staff, developing productive teams, assessing organizational strengths and shortfall, planning and managing significant change initiatives, facilitating meetings and retreats, and working constructively and creatively with boards of directors.

Mark's coaching practice focuses on helping executives and managers develop their leadership skills to inspire a shared vision, communicate with greater clarity, managing others effectively, foster collaboration, and encourage experimentation and calculated risk-taking.

The range of Mark's clients, past and present, include NASA,NIH, IRS, FDA, The Washington Post, VeriSign, Federal Realty Investment Trust, National Governors Association, National Association of Federal Credit Unions, Holy Cross Hospital, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Prior to founding his consulting firm, Mark was Director of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Management Consulting Service, and before that, he was Manager of Station Relations for National Public Radio,

Mark earned his MS degree in Organization Development from the American University/NTL Institute, and MA and BA degrees in Sociology from Rutgers University. Mark is a graduate of Coach University and is certified by the International Coach Federation.


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VP Programs @ at UCWBG
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