Colorado has survived the recent recession better than most states due to her diversified industrial base. Aerospace is a significant presence and the space industry more specifically. There have been recently announced plans for constructing a commercial spaceport for launching future space flights, a space center of excellence somewhere in the golden triangle, and many companies represented in Colorado which have set their sights on marketing space.


Wings over the Rockies Air & Space Museum
7711 East Academy Blvd.
Denver, Colorado

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With its already mushrooming aerospace industry, and available base of talent and resources, Colorado becomes the logical center of activities for the next space race.

For this reason we have invited five industry experts to help us understand the true potential for the State and the industry. Our panelists will come from different parts of the industry, and thus far include Dr. Andrew Aldrin of United Launch Alliance, Dennis Heap, Executive Director Front Range Airport, Edgar Johansson, Chairman of the Board for the Colorado Space Business Roundtable. The balance of the panel will be industry experts from companies such as:

Spaceport Enterprises
Lockheed Martin
Ball Aerospace
Sierra Nevada
Exo Terra
Altius Space Machines
Starsys Research Corporation

Please plan to join us as we probe to answer questions such as:

1. How will a commercial space business in Colorado affect you and your company?
2. How long will it be before we can begin to see an impact from this development?
3. If someone is thinking about repositioning themselves for the space industry, what kind of impact would you foresee it having on the jobs market?
4. When commercial spaceflight happens and gets some competition, what do you think the price to orbit will be, the price for suborbital?
5. Do you think the inevitable accidents will be a threat to the industry?
6. What would a Colorado spaceport offer that a New Mexico spaceport would not?
7. What do you see the "killer apps" are for commercial spaceflight beyond resupply of space station and tourists?



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Lindsey Morgan, '08