San Francisco Harper Lecture with Professor Tim Knowles

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of San Francisco

The University of Chicago Alumni Association

April 26, 2012: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Urban Schooling: The Promise and the Peril

There is no question that America's schools need dramatic reform. The consequences of low graduation rates, students' lack of college readiness, and the continual failure of schools to serve the poorest children have made it clear that the education system needs a change. However, efforts to improve our education challenges have been hindered by a sea of proposals based merely on theory or anecdote. We need real solutions to these problems, solutions backed by data and proven through practice. We need models and tools that prepare students for the rigors of college, for the workplace, and for life. We must implement programs that empower teachers and school leaders for future success.


University Club of San Francisco
800 Powell Street
San Francisco, California

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This lecture is part of the Harper Lecture series offered to the University community across the country and around the world by the University of Chicago Alumni Association. Named for the University's first President, William Rainey Harper, the series carries on his vision of broadly accessible and innovative education. For more information about educational opportunities (including study trips, online resources, and more), visit the alumni education resources page on the Alumni and Friends website.

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Tim Knowles, the John Dewey director and John Dewey clinical professor of the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute, will share his thoughts on these essential matters, address the work already under way in Chicago as well as in Los Angeles, and discuss the challenges of nationwide urban school reform.