Using the Social Business Disruption of B2B Sales and Marketing to Your Advantage

Marketing Roundtable

January 30, 2012: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Social media and social business have been growing strongly in consumer contexts since the 2000s, but this discussion will focus on B2B sales and marketing adoption - and how executives can use it to their companies' and their careers' advantage.


Gleacher Center
Room 600
450 Cityfront Plaza
Chicago, Illinois

Event Details

Social media began quietly in the early 2000s in geeky online and co-working spaces before spreading to dorms and high school kids' bedrooms in the mid-2000s and all over the media since then. However, social *business* uses social technologies for business process innovation, and we will discuss how it is transforming B2B sales and marketing. You will learn:

  • Core dynamics of social business
  • How B2B clients are changing the context of sales and marketing
  • How B2B sales & marketing can evolve—and produce far more value using social business
  • Specific sales & marketing innovation suggestions
  • B2B sales and marketing case studies
  • Action steps for your company and your career


$15 for alumni, students and guests


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Deadline: 1/29/2012


6:00 PM-7:00 PM: Networking and Hors d'ouevres (Cash Bar)

7:00 PM-8:30 PM: Presentation

8:30 PM-9:00 PM: Networking (Cash Bar)

Speaker Profiles

Christopher S. Rollyson (Speaker)

Christopher S. Rollyson has guided executives on using disruptive technology to transform business for over 25 years—and he has had a leading role in launching such game-changing offers as: Java with Sun, e-business transformation with PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting, and SOA, Web services and architecture solutions with nVISIA and IBM.

As a management consultant, he has advised commercial, nonprofit and government enterprises on how to assess, pilot and scale their use of the Internet, service-oriented architecture, Web 3.0 and social networks—and he has pioneered transformation as a line executive. He founded CSRA in 2006 to advise organizations on how to use social technologies to reduce time to trust, and he speaks at conferences and universities worldwide. CSRA's Social Network Roadmap (SM) is a methodology that helps enterprises adopt social networks more aggressively by mitigating risk while its Executive's Guide to Social Networks helps companies use platforms like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Blogging, YouTube and Facebook to innovate their business processes. In 2012, CSRA released Social Business Services, its next generation of advisory services, to enable B2B sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, I.T. and product management to boost results while reducing costs.

Previously at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Rollyson advised clients in many industries on transforming themselves with e-business during Web 1.0. Before that a marketing executive at KPMG, he transformed marketing for a twelve-state area with a digital knowledge strategy. Mr. Rollyson has done graduate work in strategy and economics at the University of Chicago. He has lived and worked in France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, the U.K., Spain and the U.S.


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