Join us for a club meeting on September 8th at NuNuNu Jazz Bistro.

Thomas Flanagan, '11 (EXP-16), will tell us about renewable energy projects, especially ways of funding such projects in the contemporary financial world.

Below - short introduction to the subject from Thomas:
"The EU and the global energy markets continue to move away from the use traditional sources of energy production towards renewables. These renewable energy ambitions are very capital intensive and are coming at a time when funding from banks and capital markets are at some of the lowest levels it has been in the past decade. On Thursday, September 8th we will delve into the financing aspect of renewable energy. I plan to start out with the state of the industry from a global perspective, and then focus in on where Poland stands. Next, I will discuss some of the different structures (levered, unlevered, tax equity) that are being used depending on country and size of investor. Finally, I will provide some firsthand insight through an example project of implementing a non-recourse structured project financing of a wind energy project in Poland".


NuNuNu Jazz Bistro
Zurawia 6/12
Warsaw, Poland


No Charge


Michal Ruminski, ' 09 (EXP-14)