Cloud Computing - Transforming the Way Business Works

Entrepreneurial Roundtable

September 19, 2011: 6:30 PM - 8:45 PM

"Cloud computing" offers small and mid-sized businesses a way of tranforming the way they work, market, serve customers and compete.  Today, they can have computing and communications capability comparable to the largest companies without the huge up-front investment or on-going expense of having a large IT department.  Cloud computing also allows smaller businesses to keep up with new technological developments and grow rapidly.  Come to hear Rick Kostopoulos discuss both the practical and strategic implications of cloud computing for small and mid-sized companies.


Northern Illinois University - Naperville Campus
First Floor Lobby & Auditorium
1120 East Diehl Road
Naperville, Illinois

Driving Directions:

Take I-88 to the Naperville Road Exit.  At the end of the exit, turn south (left if coming from the East) onto Freedom Drive.  Go to the "T" at Diehl Road and turn right onto Diehl.  Go 2-3 blocks, the Northern Illinois University (NIU) faciliity will be on your left, across from the Hampton Inn.  Turn left onto the driveway at the far end of the NIU building. go to parking behind the building.  Enter the middle doors.  The registration desk is directly inside the entrance.

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For small and mid-sized businesses, so-called "cloud computing" offers opportunities and capabilities that were unheard of only a few years ago. With cloud computing today, companies of all sizes can literally transform the way they work, market, service customers and compete. They can have computer and communications capabilities comparable to the largest companies without the upfront investment and on-going expense of maintaining a large IT system and staff in-house. Moreover, they can be assured of always being on the leading edge of technology and having computer capabilities that are readily scalable with their growth.

In its most basic terms, "cloud computing" means having your company's data stored at a third-party site, which is then accessible through the internet and managed through a cloud-specific software system. Your company does not have to deal with hardware and software issues. Yet, the information can be readily accessed through secure means from anywhere in the world. For the bottom line, cloud computing can mean real savings for your company, not only in terms of dealing with buying computers, servers and software, but also in down time as a result of system problems and IT service issues. However, the direct savings pale in comparison to the opportunities that cloud computing presents to transform the way your company operates and to adopt enhanced marketing, servicing and competitive strategies.

Join Rick Kostopoulos, Founder and President of NewGen Business Solutions, as he illustrates how running a business leaner and meaner through cloud-based business solutions allows you to optimize all the core competencies of your company: marketing functionality, customer service, financials and infrastructure. This "New Way to Work" can help you get a better return on your investment - and change the way you work, market and compete.

NewGen Business Solutions has been working with enterprise (ERP, Accounting, MRP, Distribution, Manufacturing and CRM) solutions for over 20 years. Richard "Rick" Kostopoulos is a CPA and a graduate of University of Nebraska at Omaha.


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Bill Wentz, '88 
Roundtable Chair