To Understand Entrepreneurs, You Need to Understand Their DNA

Entrepreneurial Roundtable

July 18, 2011: 6:30 PM - 8:45 PM

All entrepreneurs are not cut from the same cloth. After all, nobody would put Donald Trump, the founder of a biotech company, and the owner of a local pizza parlor in the same category. We each possess a unique entrepreneurial "DNA"—and, according to Joe Abraham, discovering yours is the critical first step to success. Joe wrote the new book Entrepreneurial DNA that is revolutionizing how we think about entrepreneurs and how we relate to them.


Northern Illinois University - Naperville Campus
First Floor Lobby & Auditorium
1120 East Diehl Road
Naperville, Illinois

Driving Directions:

Take I-88 to Naperville Road.  At bottom of exit, turn south (left if coming from the East) and go to the "T" at Diehl Road.  Turn right onto Diehl Road and go 2-3 blocks.  The NIU-Naperville facility will be on your left across from Hampton Inn.  Turn left onto the driveway at the west end of the facility and park in the rear.  Enter the center doors.

Event Details

Joe believes that entrepreneurs tend to fall into four basic categories: Builders, Opportunists, Specialists and Innovators. Those in each category are particularly adept at starting and building a different type of business. And, each category has something unique to contribute to a management team.


Joe will help you find your own particular category profile and then explain how you can build on your strengths as you pursue career and business opportunities.


Joe will also discuss how those who deal with different categories of entrepreneurs can better relate to them and assist them, by understanding what categories they fall into.


Joe Abraham started his first company at the age of 23. Since then he has served as founder, executive, or advisor to companies in industries ranging from IT and health care to consumer goods and motor sports, and he has served as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, high-net-worth entrepreneurs, and celebrities. Abraham presently runs the BOSI Performance Institute, where he develops programs and tools to help companies build and execute breakthrough strategies.


General public $25.00;  Chicago Booth alumni/faculty/students $20.00


$5.00 discount if you register by July 13th


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Deadline: 7/18/2011


Bill Wentz, '88 
Roundtable Chair