Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Belgium General Assembly 2022 – "Together Again".


Ahrend Inspiration Center
Romboutsstraat 9, 1932 Sint Stevens Woluwe
Brussels, Belgium

Event Details

Did you go to your office today? As we are spending less time in the office, it's getting more important to devote quality time together with our colleagues. But, how do we incorporate the 'hybrid' way of working in our office life? And, how do we combine different styles in one office: from buzzing space to more solitary & quiet areas, and from collaborative to more independent workstyles?

Joost Van Meerbeeck and Patrick Windels are hosting the General Assembly of the University of Chicago Alumni Club in Belgium at Ahrend Workspace. We will combine our formal General Assembly with keynote speeches to understand the future of work in the office. If you are also interested to know how to design your office space to work more effectively in today's changing world, please register ASAP.


35 euro for members of the UofC Alumni Club and 50 euro for all others.

PS: It's not yet too late to pay your 2022 membership fee! If not yet done, please wire your 40€ membership fee today on the account of the association:
BE52 2100 5555 7309 (communication: membership 2022 – name).


Registration & Payment to the University of Chicago Alumni Club account: BE52 2100 5555 7309; Communication in wire: GA 2022 – First and Last Names

Deadline: 6/19/2022


7:00 PM-7:30 PM: Welcome drinks

7:30 PM-8:30 PM: General Assembly and Keynote Speeches

8:30 PM-10:00 PM: Drinks and light dinner


Elke Segers 
President, The University of Chicago Alumni Club of Belgium