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Join us virtually to meet exciting startups that will pitch at our next event in April 2021.


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Start-ups selected to pitch are:

  • Ayoa - Is an intelligent digital workspace for remote teams to manage meetings, build plans, solve problems and action tasks – all in one. Ayoa is a mass market app, with over 500k users, translated into several languages. Differentiation strategy is to provide solution focused collaboration apps for specific use cases.
  • Tethered Drones Systems (TDS) have designed, developed and manufactured autonomous tethered drones, delivering continuous powered flight and secure communications via fibre optic cable at high bandwidth speeds for use in defence, surveillance, communications, broadcast, environmental, and agricultural deployments. TDS has been awarded a MOD contract for the Royal Navy that will deliver a world first for a tethered drone platform, with potential applications across not only other defence organisations but also the wider commercial marine markets.
  • Dynamon is a data analytics and AI company developing software tools to help commercial fleets make smarter vehicle procurement decisions.
  • Lifetise is an award-winning fintech that helps people plan how to afford major life events: buying a home, getting married, raising a family, retirement. And now, how to remain financially stable during a pandemic.
  • Leopard Technology Connectivitiy, anti theft and GPS tracking solutions for the bicycle and LEV market
  • Overstone - TRANSFORMING ART INTO AN ASSET Award-winning & FCA-regulated fintech performing cutting edge research and one stop financial planning for art. We combine risk scores and flexible end-to-end solutions to help clients navigate, minimise and manage the associated risks for this growing alternative asset class. Overstone works with some of the world's largest private banks, lenders and art market institutions, supporting art-related transactions for their clients in the US, Europe and Asia. 

6:00 PM - Welcome and recap of CBAN 2020 activity
6:05 PM - Start-up pitches
7:00 PM - 6 Breakout-Rooms for the audience to join
7:10 PM End of Event

We look forward to seeing you at the event!
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