SMPIG: Is Recycling's Fascinating Data Affecting your Business Strategy?

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

September 27, 2019: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Strategic thinking incorporates data. Fascinating data is situational and often agnostic in its industry impact. Register to join this peer conversation and explore.


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Plastic - once the golden ticket to the future, has managed within one generation to become the scourge of the planet. But like most technological innovations, it was not possible to predict its unprecedented growth and array of societal impacts.

Is the problem plastic, recycling, waste, or resource utilization? Can consumers' evolving needs and desire for ever greater convenience be reversed or redirected?

Understanding trends within or across functions, a sector, geography or demographic attitudes and connecting them to strategic principles was never simple. Today, traditional practices optimizing efficiency and effectiveness that advancing technology make possible have become complicated by changing economics. Who minds what concerns? How might Business Strategy address clashing internal and external needs among diversely competing interests? How might Strategy remain the guiding light enabling functional coordination, collaborative thought and communications?

Using recycling activities and attitudes offer fascinating data for leadership to test the strength of their strategy or help inform its development. Join us to explore the process. NOTE, we've pushed off our 3rd Friday morning strategy discussions to meet on the 4th Friday.

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As is our custom, we urge you to review the following articles in advance of the discussion, and bring your questions.


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Rachel Kaberon (Speaker), Arkay Solutions
Arkay Solutions


Rachel Kaberon, '83