SMPIG: Firms Agility-Is strategic success from new leadership or technology?

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

April 26, 2019: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

No surprise- what got you here, won't get you there. Discuss how Agile thinking and methods challenge firms' use of people and technology in functional roles and responsibilities.


The Lockton Company
500 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois

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Remember the Peter principle? Most of us recognize, or worse experience, how developing functional competence falls short of management or leadership capabilities and capacity.

No surprise that what got you here, won't get you there. It's why Agile thinking and methods are increasingly key to a firm's resiliency.

This embrace of Agile principles and emergent technologies challenges functional roles and injects new thinking at every level of the organization. Stephen Denning observed that Agile is code for how things get done, and that also means it's about power. (see optional article). Who does what and chooses how things get done is changing. We thought it worth taking a peek at Agile thinking's conceptual challenges and its impact on strategic decisions. Check out the articles and join us to discuss:

  • How should organizations acquire new capabilities?
  • Who should decide, and what form should they take?
  • Do organizations need new leaders, new technology or new technology partnerships?

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NOTE CHANGES--Date change Friday, APRIL 26, later start-- 8 am and adjusted end time--9:30 am. (NOT meeting on 3rd Friday--it's Good Friday, and our host Lockton asked us to adjust start and end time).

Do read the following short articles in advance. There's no fee to attend, coffee and light breakfast provided and your small donations always appreciated.

Largely ignored by the C-Suite, Logistics software finds new path

The Evolving Role of CIOs and How the Board Can Spark Transformation January 31st, 2018

Change agents transforming c-suite roles--Part one and two

The new path to the C-suite

The Evolving C-Suite


HBR embraces Agile at scale rethinking Stephen Denning 2018


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