Becker-Posner Blog Luncheon Discussion (The Financial Crisis of 2008:Causes of the Credit Crisis)

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

February 3, 2010: 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

We start this year's discussions with a three part series focusing on the Financial Crisis. The February discussion will focus on the causes of the Financial Crisis, the March discussion on the banking industry, and finally in April, we will discuss the governmental response to the credit crisis and its effectiveness.


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11 South Lasalle
Chicago, Illinois

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Join fellow Booth alumni for a highly interactive lunch discussion of current issues in economics, finance, and public policy, based on the weekly online commentary published by Professors Gary Becker and Richard Posner on their blog at ( Links to suggested readings for February are listed below: (Click on register online to see the actual links) 1. The crisis of Global Capitalism - Becker 2. Financial Crisis: The role of the government - Posner 3. The Credit Crisis: Conjectures about Causes and Remedies - Diamond & Raghuram Rajan 4. Dr. Doom - Profile - Nouriel Roubini - Predicting Crisis in the United States Economy The meeting format is based on our highly-successful Friday morning strategic management discussions where participants are invited to read a short selection of readings and then contribute to a one-hour facilitated discussion on the selected topic. Registration for these Chicago Loop (LaSalle Street) discussions is limited to twenty people so that everyone has ample opportunity to participate in the conversation. The registration fee includes a box lunch. Note: These meetings operate much like a book club and will not feature scheduled speakers. We are discussing WRITTEN COMMENTARY by professors Becker and Posner. They will NOT be physically present at these sessions, and have neither endorsed nor discouraged these meetings.




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