Join us for a drink, appetizers, and guest speaker while discussing what the market has in store for 2017. Then pick a fantasy portfolio to compete against fellow Booth alumni.


Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails
111 S Surf Rd
Hallandale Beach, Florida

Event Details

If you enjoy a leisurely post-holiday spirit on the waterfront, or a lively discussion of markets and investment management, this event is for you. We'll have unobstructed views of the oceanfront in an amazing venue. A round of drinks and appetizers will be included.  This year we will also have a guest speaker to discuss investing and/or select industry activities and market trends.

Last year we rekindled this event with a lively reception and great picks from many of our members here in South Florida. Looking to continue the tradition, we will be giving out awards for the top local performers from 2016 as well accepting new stock picks from individual alumni. We will also be picking a "dart board" portfolio for our South Florida team as part of the Team Challenge Cup against other clubs worldwide.

You don't need to enter the contest to attend the event, but (if you do choose to join us for the great networking) please still register via the website so we have a headcount for the restaurant.

COMPLETE your 2017 Pro-Am Investment Challenge ENTRY here.

The ProAm Investment Challenge is an investment game in which participants choose a basket of stocks and compete for the best return. There is a competition within the local Booth Alumni club but more importantly is the competition between Booth Alumni clubs throughout the world. The winning club receives a beautiful silver cup trophy that is engraved with the names of past winners and the club keeps the trophy along with all bragging rights for one year.

ProAm Investment Challenge Rules:

  1. Each participant shall invest a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio. Each portfolio must have at least two, but no more than five securities and each security must account for at least 20% ($20,000) of the total portfolio value. No trades are allowed after the initial investment position is established.
  2. Participants can choose from the following investments:
    - Common or preferred stock traded on the NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ. Mutual funds and actively traded ETFs are not allowed.
    - Any corporate, municipal, or US bond quoted in Wall Street Journal.
    - Cash or 12 month T-bill.
  3. Identify short sales by using parenthesis around the dollar amount to be shorted. It is necessary to reserve cash in the amount of the short position. This reserve plus the cash from the short sale will be invested in T-Bills.
  4. Winners will be determined based on the highest total return using the closing prices of January 20 and December 31, 2017.

There are prizes for individuals with best gain. There is also a grand prize for the club with the best overall return among it's local participants. The portfolio is not actively traded, you just pick and let it ride.

COMPLETE your 2017 Pro-Am Investment Challenge ENTRY here.



$25 for Alumni

$30 for Guests


Register Online

Deadline: 1/20/2017


David Ward, '11 

Other Information

Valet parking is $12 with validation at the restaurant