The month of October 2008 will most likely be remembered as one of the most fascinating months of our financial history. The month of November 2008 will most likely be remembered for the outcome of one of the most captivating electoral battles in US presidential history. It is clear that the current crisis of the financial markets has deeply influenced the content of both presidential campaigns and might have had a considerable effect on the outcome of the elections. The outcome of the elections is, however, not yet clear, and neither is its effect on America’s national and international politics, on the world’s perception of the US, and on the financial markets. To discuss the above topics (and more), the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Belgium, in cooperation with selected alumni clubs, have the pleasure to invite you and your partner to an undoubtedly thrilling election night in the Renaissance Brussels Hotel on Tuesday, November 4. This invitation is extended both to all US school alumni, as to the INSEAD, Vlerick, Solvay and Prins Albert Fund alumni.


Renaissance Brussels Hotel
Rue du Parnasse 19
Brussels, Belgium

Event Details

The evening will begin promptly at 8pm with a welcome drink. Baroness Mia Doornaert will subsequently take the floor for an introductory session on the current US presidential elections. Baroness Mia Doornaert is a foreign affairs and diplomatic editor at De Standaard. She is known and appreciated for her lucid, sharp and sometimes controversial opinions and her expertise in respect of the American political landscape. Subsequently, she will lead and moderate a panel discussion with Mr. Lode Beckers and Mr. Duane Schulthess. Mr. Lode Beckers is an international financier and banker who after a 28-year corporate banking career with Citibank in 7 countries moved on to become a board member in two private banks – in Belgium and France – while founding LOBO NV, a fund management firm and consulting firm focusing on Euro-related strategic and organizational matters. Mr. Duane Schulthess is commercial director at Science Business, and was until recently Director of Corporate Relationships at The Wall Street Journal Europe. Sufficient time will be allotted to allow the public to actively participate in this discussion. The panel discussion will finish around 10 p.m. The invitees will subsequently have the opportunity to prolong the evening by joining the exclusive American Club’s Election Night in the hotel. One room will be reserved for debates. From 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. Republicans & Democrats will debate on the reasons why their candidate should win the presidential campaign. From 11 p.m. to 12 p.m. prominent personalities and senior journalists (WSJ Europe) will analyze what the night’s result might mean for the US and Europe. As of 12 p.m. the first results will come in and commented upon. Continuous live CNN coverage is available throughout the night. Another room will be reserved for a “more informal coverage” of the elections: US Food & Beverages, live band playing, US wine tastings.




Register By Email
Please transfer the appropriate amount to account 210-0555573-09 of the University of Chicago Alumni in Belgium, Fortis Bank, IBAN BE 52 2100 5555 7309. Please confirm your attendance, mentioning your name, alumni club and number of people attending in your email.

Deadline: 11/4/2008


Kris Vansanten, '95