Please join us for an informal dinner with Marvin Zonis in Barcelona.


Restaurante Tenorio
P. de Gracia 37
Barcelona, Spain

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This is a great opportunity to meet Prof. Zonis in an informal setting and hear about his latest research. Luigi Riboldi, '05 (EXP-10) will be the host of the evening.


Pay for your own dinner and drinks.


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Deadline: 8/28/2008

Speaker Profiles

Marvin Zonis (Speaker)
Professor Emeritus, Chicago GSB

Marvin Zonis is a professor emeritus at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago , where he teaches courses on International Political Economy, Leadership, and Business Strategy. He also heads Marvin Zonis & Associates, Inc., political risk consultants. The firm works with corporations and professional asset management firms throughout the world to help them identify, assess, and manage their political risks in the constantly changing global environment. In short, he is a global political economist. Professor Zonis is a highly sought after speaker at events related to asset management, private equity and senior management training events where he speaks on the topic of political risk in the global business environment. He has written books on central and eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East on related topics.


Peter Simons, '98 (EXP-3)