Join us as YAANW celebrates its 130th year by presenting Governor Mark Dayton; Professor Charles Hill, Distinguished Fellow, International Security Studies, Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs; and Cargill Chairman Emeritus Whitney MacMillan.


IDS Tower
50th Floor
80 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Why has Professor Hill reproached the Obama administration for "sleep walking" through the Arab Spring, bemoaned the fact that there is no grand strategy today, and considered a literary education necessary to understand world order? Professor Hill will speak on his book "Grand Strategies: Literature, Statecraft and World Order." Considered "the sage of American diplomacy," Professor Hill played varying roles in the major events of the Cold War, during China's Cultural Revolution, and in the Congressional investigations of the Iran-Contra scandal. He has also worked with Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger (speechwriter and policy analyst) and George Shultz (executive aide).

Governor Mark Dayton and Cargill Chairman Emeritus MacMillan will make special presentations as part of our 130th anniversary, speaking, in part, on Yale's influence in the Minnesota area.


Cost: $25; $5 parking at IDS Tower after 4pm


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Deadline: 5/8/2014


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