Please join us for the Annual General Meeting 2014. 


Ernst & Young
"St.Petersburg 1+2" Hall
5th floor, bld.1, entr.2, Sadovnicheskaya Nab. 77,
Moscow, Russia

Event Details

Please find below the preliminary agenda for the AGM:

  1. Reports by the President and the Vice-presidents of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Russia for the period March 2013 – February 2014.
  2. Presentation of the President and Vice-President candidates' programs.
  3. Presidential and vice-presidential elections.
  4. Miscellaneous items.

Please send us your agenda and candidates proposals, programs to share among the alumni and questions by 6pm on 17 February 2014.


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Deadline: 2/20/2014


Evgeny Tonkacheev, '05 (EXP-10)