Join the Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Assoc. at their annual Thanksgiving dinner and lecture with Marc Chavennes, Professor Emeritus of Journalism at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and NFAA Political columnist and former Washington, Paris and London correspondent for NRC Handelsblad.

Parliamentary democracy has long been considered the superior choice for people's freedom and economic wellbeing. The sustained crisis that is hitting the West is breeding more profound doubt in the invincibility of 'democratic capitalism'. Inequality is rising to levels that may undermine civil societies.

  • Are our systems of public decision making still up to the task ?
  • Can we still believe our Parliaments and Congress to be the highest authorities in the country ?
  • Do these authorities have the public or the special interests in mind ?

We are fortunate to have one of the most respected Dutch political columnists willing to give the 2013 Thanksgiving Fulbright dinner address, enlightening us on these issues.

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Utrecht, Netherlands


€ 40.00 - NFAA members
€ 30.00 - Young NFAA members
€ 50.00 - External members
€ 50.00 - Non members
€ 50.00 - Guests


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Deadline: 11/28/2013


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