Dear Alumni in Jakarta,

We will meet on Thursday May 3rd!

Many of you were enamored with the idea of letting someone talk about what works, doesn't work in his or hers work atmosphere but ask for advice to the group on where to improve. Yourself or your business as a casestudy! I can see quite some value. We should talk about the pros and cons. There will be drinks and food.
I have taken the liberty to invite some interesting people who have the ability to give extremely good jobs in indonesia in a variety of companies. Its my belief that social networks are key and that we can all learn from each other. One of the thoughts where I have also tinkered with in my mind is to invite some highly connected people and have a talk around the fireplace with them. So think who is on your wish list. We need to discuss this before I approach people since I want to hear the views of everyone.

Looking forward to see all of you.

Frits Seegers, '89


Potato Head
Pacific Place Mall G51A, Jln Jend Sudirman, Kawv. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Driving Directions:


No Charge


Frits Seegers, '89