The last decade has seen an explosion of financial scandals that has moved the dealings of corporations from the business page to the front page: From Enron, Worldcom and Tyco to Madoff, and the big financial houses of recent times. The political responses to these scandals, like Sarbanes Oxley and now Dodd Frank, have generated both praise as necessary regulation (Coffee of Columbia) and scathing criticism as "pure quackery" without empirical justification (Bainbridge of UCLA, Romano of Yale). Whatever one's view of the wisdom of such laws, they are having an undeniable impact on corporate entities and their directors and officers. (NOTE: Registered attendees will recieve a FREE copy of Magnuson's well received book "Barracuda Bait,"which shares insights from a dozen memorable cases and describes how companies faced with litigation can take advantage of unusual ways to "bite back.") The presentation itself will draw upon Magnuson's and Saliterman's new book which is a treatise on business law in Minnesota: "Advising Minnesota Corporations and Other Business Organizations" Provides Essential Information To Business Owners, Educators and Lawmakers." The book is a three-volume set being published by Juris Publishing, a full-service legal publisher specializing in international and American law. It includes forewords by the deans of the University of Minnesota Law School, William Mitchell College of Law and Hamline University School of Law. It follows the life cycle of many corporations, from initial organization and documentation, through the challenges of an ongoing enterprise and periods of acute stress, all the way to dissolution. This is a topic and presentation that is sure to be relevant to anyone involved in Minnesota corporate law or business. A light snack and beverages will be served. 


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