Since July 2011, heavy monsoon rains in SE Asia have resulted in catastrophic flooding. In Thailand, about two third of all provinces are affected (Thailand Situation Report). The destruction so far: Damages exceeding $5 Billion (USD) $900M hit to agriculture sector; >375 human casualties; >1M livestock/animals; 1,053 schools affected; 930 factories in 28 provinces affected and continues.....Watch this video clip

WHO? The students and alumni of Chicago Booth is partnering with the Thai Red Cross Society.

WHAT? All donations received will go towards providing food, fresh water, filtration systems, and medicines for the sick and wounded.

HOW? Give a gift of life by donating online*. We will remit funds to Thai Red Cross Society on December 8. *You do not need to have a Paypal account to participate. Please click on the "Don't have a Paypal Account?" and use your credit card.

Together, the Booth community can once again make a difference in our global community and help save lives.


For more info: please write to Anix Lynch, '12 or Jake Stein, '12


Chicago Booth Asia Campus
101 Penang Road
Singapore, Singapore


No Charge


Jake Stein, '12 
On behalf of AXP-11 Class