Join alumni, parents, and friends for a look at superhero science! If finding weekend fun for the entire family is your kryptonite, then fear no more-the Discovery Days Super Powers weekend is here to save the day! Look behind the cape and learn how scientists are trying to harness the power of spider silk for industrial use. Explore the science of invisibility and try your skills at mind control! There'll be action, thrills, and excitement-and you'll look like a real hero for making the call. (Superhero costumes optional.)

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Museum of Nature and Science
3535 Grand Avenue
Dallas, Texas

Event Details

We begin our day with a private UChicago exclusive 11am Electric Theatre show (group will convene at the theatre). Explore the world of electricity and magnetism through this exciting (and "shockingly" cool) demonstration. Volunteers will join our presenter on stage to demonstrate the workings of Van der Graaf generators, electromagnets, step-down transformers, Tesla coils and more!

After our shocking show, we enjoy a self-host lunch together at the museum café. Then spend the rest of the day exploring the museum with new friends! You may want to purchase a museum ticket that includes IMAX and/or special exhibit access.

Purchase tickets for June 11 General Admission at your own cost on the Museum website (or at the museum entrance) Please feel free to add any museum experiences you would like to your own General Admission ticket purchase; we will have time to explore the museum that day.

After lunch, everyone is welcome to explore the Museum on their own!


General Admission Ticket


Register Online
Please note that we are taking RSVPs on our website only for headcount but all tickets need to be bought through the museum for admission.

Deadline: 6/11/2011


11:00 AM-12:00 PM: Meet at the Electric Theatre for a free private science demonstration (45min show)

12:00 PM-1:00 PM: Lunch (Available for purchase at museum)


Seth Penland, '08