Join us for the 2024 Leadership Summit designed exclusively for Booth alumnae worldwide. This virtual event series hosted by the Chicago Booth Women's Network offers intimate settings, interactive sessions, and actionable takeaways. Delve into the world of AI with confidence, as we guide you through empowering strategies for success. Connect with fellow Booth women, foster meaningful conversations, and leave with the confidence to understand, navigate, and adopt Automation and AI effectively.


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Chicago, Illinois

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Delve into the ethical dimensions of AI integration in business. Explore the privacy challenges and discover actionable insights that empower you to navigate this evolving landscape. Join us for an engaging session that goes beyond theory, providing concrete takeaways for ethical AI implementation in your business.


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Deadline: 4/22/2024

Speaker Profiles

Ishita Sharan (Speaker) '16

Ishita Sharan is an AI and a Product leader with about 25 years of experience in the technology industry. Based in Silicon Valley, she has worked at large corporations such as Cisco, Ericsson, Brocade and at several startups. She is currently responsible for solutions, products, and partnerships at Konfer, an AI Governance startup and in her previous role at Damo, led a GenAI based Knowledge Management System project at a hospital. At TCG Digital, she was responsible for their advanced AI/ML data analytics platform growing the product from zero revenue to double digits in five years. Ethical dimensions of AI integration in business has been an underlying theme in all these roles.


M Concepción Prado, '16