Employees used to show up at work as "working humans"—largely leaving their personal beliefs and needs at the door. 


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Chicago, Illinois

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Today, employees show up as "whole humans" who expect a lot more from their managers and employers, including attention to social problems and mental health, which means business leaders must evolve their management skills.

This session will preview I Don't Just Work Here, a book written by Booth adjunct professors Felicia Joy and Elena Grotto, whose research found that people managers are now expected to operate as both business leaders and community leaders in the workplace; the latter is a skillset new to many and the cause of much anxiety.


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Deadline: 5/15/2024

Speaker Profiles

Elena Grotto (Speaker)
Executive Vice President at Edelman and Booth faculty member

Felicia Joy (Speaker)
Executive Vice President at Edelman, faculty member and PhD matriculants at Booth


Michele Cahill 
Director, Alumni Engagement