Explore whether or not ownership is the right next step for you. 


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Chicago, Illinois

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Join us for a roundtable discussion to discover different paths to ownership (acquisition, startup, partnership), how owners manage uncertainty, and how you can leverage Career Services as a Booth alum.


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Deadline: 5/15/2023

Speaker Profiles

Jennifer Barbieri (Speaker) '20
CEO, CEO, Barbieri Group LLC

CEO of Barbieri LLC for 14 years providing expertise in finance, accounting, corporate governance and strategy has led to successful funding of client firms and successful acquisitions and exits. A personal life journey in health propelled her interest in fitness which led to her founding Pivital Fitness Holdings. With the first location in New Jersey and plans to own five fitness studios, Jennifer is leading the way to retiring from accounting services and running boutique fitness studios full time.

Melissa Harris (Speaker) '16
CEO, M. Harris & Co

A former business columnist for the Chicago Tribune, she faced a mountain of MBA student debt and with a newborn infant, Melissa took the greatest risk of her life: She left the world of private equity to start her own company. Five years later, M. Harris & Co. has become one of the fastest-growing marketing firms in the Midwest, with more than 50 clients in 2021 from across the nation, from Stanford University to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Nima Parikh (Speaker) '98
President, Mezzanine Consulting

After 17+ years as President of Mezzanine Consulting, a marketing brand firm helping clients clearly define and act upon their Value Mosaic© - an assertion of the unique value a product, service, organization or brand delivers to constituents, she discovered 'Fractional' executive roles where she helps startup founders to build a business.

Vicky Lio (Moderator) '12
CBWN Board


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