Explore whether or not a board position is the right next step for you.


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Chicago, Illinois

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Join us in a fireside chat with CEO and co-founder of The Concinnity Company, Nancy Falls to learn:

  • What being on a board means and what is expected.
  • How to go about it - how to start from thinking, to creating your story, to finding the right fit.
  • While some may be ready for this next step forward, others may not at this point but want to in the future. So what can you do now towards that end to position yourself for a Board in the future?


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Deadline: 5/9/2023

Speaker Profiles

Nancy M. Falls (Speaker)
CEO and co-founder, The Concinnity Company

Nancy Falls is CEO and co-founder of The Concinnity Company, provider of cloud based, process management software for boards and special committees in clinical trials. Cloud Concinnity® is an integrated platform that centralizes all information & communications, standardizes, automates & tracks all required processes, and unlocks the power of big data for greater efficiency, speed, risk mitigation & significant positive financial impact. Falls is also an Audit Committee Financial Expert and author of Corporate Concinnity in the Boardroom.

Nancy has spent more than thirty years in and around the C-suite and the boardroom, in both public and private companies, from early stage to Fortune 1000, leading global operations, business units, starting up new markets and launching new businesses. She has served on numerous boards, including public, private, startup and not for profit. Nancy is a committed finance jock by education & experience, a survivor of global technology implementations and development pre-agile, and a passionate advocate for the ability of good leadership, governance and technology to drive positive change in the world. She graduated from Wellesley College magna cum laude (Wellesley Scholar) with a degree in Economics and Sociology and has an MBA from Adelphi University. Nancy is an avid swimmer, yogini, cook and Francophile. She plays at golf.

Nima Parikh (Moderator) '98
President, Mezzanine Consulting

After 17+ years as President of Mezzanine Consulting, a marketing brand firm helping clients clearly define and act upon their Value Mosaic© - an assertion of the unique value a product, service, organization or brand delivers to constituents, she discovered 'Fractional' executive roles where she helps startup founders to build a business.


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