The Chicago Booth Alumni Club of France and La Maison Penet of Champagne invite
you to the fifth edition of the « Chicago Booth goes to Champagne » experience.


Venues in Champagne region
Champagne, France

Event Details

The program includes two days in the Champagne region with visits to big and small Champagne houses, along with delightful tasting and dining experiences, all in Reims or its neighborhood. Alexandre Penet, '09 (EXP-14) from La Maison Penet will be your tour guide.

We hope to see you there to celebrate the Booth spirit with Champagne bubbles. Tchin! Tchin!

Enjoy this teaser video!


TBC - more information to come after pre-registration has been completed via the link.


Register Online

Please pre-register using this link, and further information will be forwarded to you.

Deadline: 6/5/2023


Alberto Coloma, '16