Discover the secrets to driving change and innovation in even the most challenging environments during this two-part interactive session.


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Chicago, Illinois

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Biodomes: Creating Safe Spaces in Unfriendly Environments (60 minutes)

A safe space unleashes human potential, creates trust, allows everyone to bring their authentic selves to work, and opens the opportunity for change. But Safe Spaces are not delegated, accidental, or bequeathed. Leaders must create them through intentional actions. Join Dr. Nancy Tennant to understand how you can create safe spaces, in even the most challenging environments.


BONUS Session: Innovation From Everyone, Everywhere (30 minutes)

Every organization espouses innovation as a goal, but evidence suggests that this goal is rarely actualized. In this bonus session, we will look at how each leader can Frame, Generate, Embed and Lead innovation using the Innovation Universe™ framework to create a customized innovation ecosystem at every level.



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Deadline: 5/24/2022


6:00 PM-7:00 PM: Biodomes: Creating Safe Spaces in Unfriendly Environments

7:00 PM-7:30 PM: BONUS Session: Innovation from Everyone, Everywhere

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Nancy Tennant (Speaker)
Educator / Author / Practitioner / Curious Human, Unleashing Innovation, Human-Centered Design, and Leadership Development

Dr. Nancy Tennant is a practitioner, professor, and best-selling author in innovation and leadership. She is one of the world's leading pioneers in transforming businesses to achieve innovation from everyone and everywhere.

Businessweek named Nancy one of the 25 Innovation Champions in the world. She is an Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, co-founding the innovative class at the School of Business, The Leadership Studio. Nancy is a cofounder and instructor at the Innovation Academy within the IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame. She as coached, mentored, and trained thousands of innovators from across industries, NGOs, and government organizations. She is a frequent public speaker to "C" level audiences around the world.

Nancy was the VP of Innovation for Whirlpool Corporation. In this capacity, she reported to two Chairmen/CEOs for over 17 years, transforming Whirlpool into an innovation powerhouse resulting in acclaim from publications such as Fast Company and Fortune while creating billions in new revenue from innovation. Nancy was also responsible for Leadership Development at Whirlpool. She co-founded Whirlpool University, with an enrollment of over 10,000 leaders per year from 170 countries. While at Whirlpool, Nancy founded the affinity group, The Creatives, unleashing underappreciated creatives to find their voice through community.

Nancy is the co-author of numerous articles, including "The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company" (HBR, Hamel & Tennant). She co-authored and authored five best-selling books: Mastering Virtual, Unleashing Innovation, Strategic Innovation and Transform Your Company for the Innovation Universe. Nancy's latest book Creativity in Talent Development.

She holds a doctorate from The George Washington University. She is the President Emerita of The First Tee of Benton Harbor, a not-for-profit organization that offers life skills to at-risk youth. Nancy is a good, but not great, artist, writer, poet, and lap-swimmer. No matter, she enjoys life to the fullest.


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