Join us for CBWN's 2022 Leadership Summit to understand your current leadership style and learn when and how to adapt it to best suit the dynamic professional landscape.


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Chicago, Illinois

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As women, we take on a lot of responsibility both consciously and unconsciously. In the midst of the hustle and bustle and adjusting to change, it's important to pause, take stock of all we have weathered, and consciously create room for something new and meaningful for yourself.

Join Carolyn Ou, Director of Leadership Initiatives at the Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership, for an interactive and connective session to share stories, examine the layers of responsibilities you've collected, and step into a series of activities and conversations to create space for developing that something new in your life and leadership practices.


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Deadline: 5/11/2022

Speaker Profiles

Carolyn Ou (Speaker)
Director of Leadership Initiatives, Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership

Carolyn Ou is Director of Leadership Initiatives for the Davis Center for Leadership. She collaborates with our campus partners and alumni to design, deliver and support alumni leadership programming worldwide. She brings to the role her experiences in consulting, marketing, education and entrepreneurship, as well as a passion for creating effective leaders at all levels.


Vicky Lio, '12