Grab your drink - Coffee or Beer/Wine - and join us for a panel discussion to learn about the exciting world of Cryptocurrency and NFTs. Get perspective from the pioneers in the space on the current landscape, and on what we can expect in the coming year.


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Atlanta, Georgia

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Institutional investors are rapidly increasing the adoption of crypto assets, initiated by large volumes of movement in the retail market. Many investors are becoming rich and gaining large profits from smart trades, but masses are also losing money due to volatility in crypto value and other risks the space poses. The same is observed in other emerging digital assets. In this session we invite and discuss various approaches navigating the digital asset landscape through exchanges, asset management companies, trading, and startup platforms. We will hear from disrupting business perspectives on the trends, speculations, opportunities, and potential threats.

This is a unique opportunity to get a holistic overview of what investors need to know when trading digital assets and their derivatives, how to analyze and understand the market to ultimately win. We hope you find this session refreshing and informational.
This will be a moderated discussion where we plan to have an open panel discussion format.



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Deadline: 3/25/2022

Speaker Profiles

Nathan Clancy (Panelist) '17
VP - Institutional Sales and Partnerships, FTX: Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

Nate Clancy '17 is the VP of Business Development at FTX US, a cryptocurrency exchange and NFT marketplace. In his role he leads US institutional sales and B2B partnerships.

Dip Majumder (Panelist) '21
CEO, Alpha Trend

Dip has decades of experience building and commercializing predictive technologies and is a quant trader. He recently created Alpha Trend to bring the same insight he and his team uses for retail traders and crypto hedge funds.

Gordon Grant (Panelist), Genesis

Gordon Grant has been in Crypto Trading, investing and Advisory since 2013. He was with Cove Capital, before recently joining Genesis. His primary focus is on investing, and trading opportunities within Crypto, especially from a derivatives perspective, including derivatives-related startups (such as Decentralized Option vaults and DExs), which continues to attract growing participation and a robust flow of venture funds. He received a BA in Economics from Princeton (2006) and is currently pursuing a Masters in Statistics, Data Science from Columbia University

Vignesh Subramanian (Moderator) '11

Vignesh is a Technology Strategy Consulting and Product Management professional. He is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, with a focus on growth strategy. Currently he is working on Intelligent Automation & Technology modernization frameworks. He has a trading background working, in Energy Trading and Investment Banking technology trading across various financial instruments, for JP Morgan Chase. His experience spans across corporates (like IBM/Infosys/Dell), Start-ups, Growth companies advisory and is an avid investor. He is a Chicago Booth Alumni, and co-chairs the Atlanta Chapter activities. He completed his Masters in Computer Applications from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India.


GS Vignesh