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We are in an era of tremendous change that's reshaping the way business and life are conducted. Today, leaders in every industry are confronting unprecedented and rapidly evolving challenges. The disruption of the pandemic accelerated and intensified transformation trends, from a shift to e-commerce to distributed work. For CEOs, leading their companies through transformation to acquire the DNA of the future enterprise has become imperative.

How do we radically accelerate innovation outcomes? How do we deal with the threat of disruption? How do we evolve our business model? How do we organize to grow in new ways?

Join this masterclass with Dr. Robert Wolcott where he explores how technology will change business, society and the experience of being human and uncovers ways to drive sustainable, profitable innovation at large, global organizations:
1. Thriving amidst change: proximity, periphery and the unified theory of technology and markets
2. What do they mean for corporate innovation and models for corporate innovation
3. Online or in-person? How can leaders, teams and companies thrive with highly distributed workforces?
4. Introduction to the World Innovation Network (TWIN) - its mission and purpose


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Deadline: 10/20/2021

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Robert Wolcott (Speaker)
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Dr. Robert Wolcott is a technology and innovation expert, serving on the Digital Advisory Board of ZF, Open Innovation Lab of Norway, and H-Farm, a digital ecosystem in Italy. Wolcott is a regular contributor to Forbes regarding the impact of technology change on business, leadership and society. His book with Dr. Michael Lippitz, Grow From Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation (McGraw-Hill, 2010) shares a decade of research and has been published in Chinese and Japanese.

Wolcott's work has appeared in MIT Sloan Management Review, strategy+business, The Harvard Business Review, TheHill.com, Quartz.com, The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, Business Week, The Financial Times (European Edition), The New York Times and numerous overseas publications.

Wolcott co-founded and serves as chairman of the World Innovation Network (TWIN), a community of innovation leaders from over 30 countries (www.twinglobal.org). Wolcott is an angel investor in over 20 companies including IndieGoGo, Lumni and SA Ignite, making Wolcott one of the leading lights in the business and innovation world.


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