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Singapore, Singapore

Event Details

CBAN Singapore is proud to present a new pitch event for exciting, early stage startups in the ESG category.

The founders of 5-6 early-stage startups seeking angel investment will pitch to you

The event will consist of 5-6 startups in the pre-seed to seed stages that are quickly developing their businesses and require additional investment. They were chosen via a competitive selection process. You'll hear the stories of these startups directly from the founders.

The companies are in a variety of attractive industries and utilise innovative business models

- A co-living company offering affordable, modern, move-in ready accommodations
- A D2C company offering hyper-personalized, reusable color cosmetics
- A hyper-personalised online marketplace to match students with the right universities
- An AI-powered platform with traction matching unused cars with those that need them
- A D2C, eco-friendly consumer chemicals company
- A company creating and implementing a Data Trust Rating System for digital enterprises.

The companies are primarily based in Singapore but may be based elsewhere in the region. Some target just Singapore or Indonesia now, but most have regional or global aspirations.

Investing in these companies may offer the opportunity to do well while doing good

All of these startups are commercially focused and each of them presents high financial upside to angel investors...while also having the potential to make an additional positive impact on the world. For example, they may help to conserve the Earth's resources, provide new educational opportunities or provide workers with the chance to earn a fair wage.

How it works...

All of these founders have expressed an interest to receive investment from angel investors in the Chicago Booth community. In most cases, they are seeking investment in amounts from S$100K-S$1million with Booth Angels...singly or as a group...having the opportunity to take all or a piece of the required investment. In most cases, those individuals that choose to invest will invest S$25k-S$100K. There is always the chance to invest more, either now or as the company grows.

Everyone in the Booth community is welcome to attend

All members of the Booth community, both in Singapore and abroad, are encouraged to register for and attend the online event, whether you consider yourself an angel investor or not. CBAN will seek expressions of interest in investing in the companies from the audience at the conclusion of the event to determine the most appropriate way to follow-up with each of the companies.

Please join us if you're an experienced angel, thinking about becoming an angel or even if you're just curious.


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Deadline: 7/29/2021


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