Chicago Booth's reading group, A Nobel Idea. Alumni discuss some of UChicago's most notable Nobel laureates. 


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A Nobel Idea - Chicago Booth Reading Group
Milton Friedman's Business of Business

You may have heard that an extraordinary number of Nobel Prizes have been awarded to University of Chicago faculty. But have you gone beyond the numbers to delve deeply into these award-winning, path-breaking ideas? In Chicago Booth's new reading group, A Nobel Idea, you will discuss some of UChicago's most notable Nobel laureates. In true Booth fashion, you will read the excerpts from the texts themselves, develop your own ideas, and ask questions of your peers.

A Nobel Idea will launch this May with a small group of Booth alumni to discuss Milton Friedman's 1970 treatise on the "business of business". Topics to be discussed include the responsibility of corporations to shareholders and the broader community, as well as what makes for "good" corporate governance.

Space is very limited (15 alumni), so we ask that you please express your interest in participating by emailing Andrea Fuchs. When we have a sense of interest, we will reach out to confirm your spot and provide links to the four articles which are part of the pre-reading material.


Reading material is sponsored by Chicago Booth Alumni Relations.


Andrea Fuchs, '09 (EXP-14)