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Join the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of France in partnership with France Biotech for a lecture by Dr. EriK Louvel, M.D., Founder & Representative Director of MITSUBAICHO Consulting.


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Join us for a lecture by Dr. EriK Louvel, M.D., Founder and Representative Director of MITSUBAICHO Consulting on 'Market Attractiveness, Go Alone or Partnership? When to Go? How to Go?'

Dr. Louvel will share with us his extensive experience and knowledge of the Japanese Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech environment. Based on real life examples, Erik will start his talk on Japanese Biotech/Medtech market attractiveness and then, will guide us through the decision-making process necessary to optimally start and successfully develop a Biotech/Medtech business in the 3rd biggest Pharma market in the world.

9:00am Welcome 
9:05am Presentation by Dr. Louvel
9:45am Q&A
10:00am End of event

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Deadline: 5/19/2021

Speaker Profiles

Dr. EriK Louvel, M.D. (Speaker)
Founder and Representative Director, MITSUBAICHO Consulting

Academic background: Physician, Psychiatrist, MSc in Clinical Pharmacology, Statistics in Biology & Epidemiology, DU of Neurophsychopharmacology

VP R&D and Open Innovation at Bayer Pharma in Japan from 1999 to 2017: 52 drug approvals obtained with the establishment first big data team in Pharma

Since 2018, Founder and Representative Director of MITSUBAICHO Consulting. Management consulting company dedicated to EU/US Biotech/Medtech willing to develop and grow in Japan.

Based in Tokyo.


Pierre Courteille, '04