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As part of the CBWN 2021 Leadership Summit Series, we are pleased to bring you a wellness session focused on 43 of the muscles we often take for granted.


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Chicago, Illinois

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Did you know there are more than 40 muscles in your face alone? How we carry our stress often shows up as features on our face. Just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned and fit, so does your face. Join fellow Booth alum Cathy Leggett, '18, and creator of FaceSculptwithLove, as she guides us through proper facial posture and techniques to relieve tension in over-worked areas of your face. Note: Please bring an oil or face cream suitable to your skin type and a mirror.


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Deadline: 5/12/2021

Speaker Profiles

Cathy Leggett (Speaker) '18
Founder, FaceSculptwithLove

Cathy spent years as an Investment Banker in NYC before leaving to pursue her true passion: empowering women to feel more comfortable in their own skin. She is the creator of FaceSculptwithLove (www.facesculptwithlove.com), a virtual face yoga studio that combines face yoga, yoga and meditation practices with a goal of making women FEEL beautiful, both outside and inside. She believes we all need more compassion and love towards ourselves in a world throwing increasing pressure and demands our way. Cathy has an MBA from the University of Chicago, a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor (RYT 200H), and is certified in Facial Exercises & Facial Massage. She is currently pursuing a Wellness Coach certificate through the Mayo Clinic and a Mindful Eating certificate through the Center for Mindful Eating.


Vicky Lio, '12