We tend to talk about AI in terms of tools and mathematical models. However, Dr. Mechie Nkengla will help us see AI in terms of business value creation.


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Chicago, Illinois

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When we talk about AI, we tend to talk about tools, mathematical models, machine learning algorithms and automated tasks. Rightly so because they all form the foundation for AI!

However, when we distill this information to focus on a business value creation, things get very interesting. We are no longer seeing the models and tools but the impact of the tools, models, and algorithms.

This presentation will discuss the concepts of AI, enterprise applications, prominent AI technologies and what it means for your business.


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Deadline: 3/9/2021

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Dr Mechie Nkengla (Speaker)
Chief Data Strategist, Data Products LLC

Dr. Mechie Nkengla is the Chief Data Strategist at Data Products LLC (www.dataproducts.io), a Data Science consultancy and R&D firm that partners with organizations to deliver expertise in data science, data strategy, machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics. Prior to Data Products, she was a leader at EY Analytics Center of Excellence and has a career that spans academia, research, startups and large corporations. She enjoys hiking, dancing, and eating seafood, not necessarily in that order.


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