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Powered by the research of Professor Ronald Burt: "put yourself at risk of productive accident"

Topics to be discussed:
1. What are productive accidents
2. Five examples / case studies
3. Key actionable insights
4. Why you should write a book
5. Top tips for self-publishing
6. Connecting the dots
7. What should happen next?


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Deadline: 11/18/2020

Speaker Profiles

Peter Williams, '10 (AXP-09) (Speaker)

Peter B. Williams grew up on a BMX and skateboard in Armidale, NSW, Australia. These sports provided a dynamic stream of creativity and innovation, constantly evolving into new styles and disciplines. This exposure to creativity and design developed into a taste for all things independent, including a mix of music, art and people. An interest in innovation and how it happens has been a constant companion and forms the core of Productive Accidents.

Along the way, Peter and his wife Catherine developed global careers in finance, working in Sydney, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. They have four children and a large extended family with a long list of causes they care about – including equality, education, empowerment, entrepreneurship, and the environment.


Brian Tsui, '11 

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Aslam Sardar, '10 (AXP-9)

Sebastian Cerezo Montanez, '15 (EXP-20)