"How Companies Win" by Rick Kash and David Calhoun

The Nielsen Company

Business Book Roundtable

November 11, 2010: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

In a world where chronic oversupply faces flat to contracting demand, the book helps readers understand that success will come from moving to a new demand-driven business model. Many successful companies today, and most successful companies of tomorrow, will look like this. •It has built its delivery network around the Web, not just highways and roads and standard forms of media. •It has a proprietary framework through which it manages the business that includes an understanding of demand, supply, competition, innovation opportunity, and profitability. •It understands how demand profit pools of customers and consumers create great effectiveness in marketing, results in higher profitability, and continuously achieves organic growth. •It has built an intelligent system that knows where to hunt for the next profit opportunity. The strategy conversation is about how to serve customers and consumers now – and in the future, which enables your company to consistently preempt competition. •The company and its expanded network of manufacturers, retailers and media partners (the Demand Chain) share the same objectives, including wining with the same high-profit customers and consumers. The network members’ common task is to collaborate and to share data in order to merge your objectives and outcomes around the common denominator of the customer/consumer and the demand they are seeking to satisfy. •It holds its marketing and commercial organizations to the same standards that it holds its supply chain management. And just as its supply chain has metrics for everything, so too must that rigor, rhythm and consequence apply to its new Demand Chain.


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“A persuasive case that winning in today’s market requires an understanding that supply-driven business models of the past will not keep pace with fundamental changes in our global economy and its digitally enabled consumer.” —Jack Welch “The rise of social networks has amplified the individual’s voice and this has sparked a revolution in demand. How Companies Win offers real-world solutions that you can implement right now to take advantage of these changes.” —Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook “With all of the options shoppers have today, it’s critically important to understand demand. It’s how you satisfy your customers better than your competitors. It’s the way companies will win.” —Brian Cornell, President & CEO, Sam’s Clubs "How Companies Win shows how to successfully manage in the future. Its fresh look at data and the case histories will stimulate the imagination of every business leader." —Mary Dillon, President & CEO, US Cellular Additional information on the book at:


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6:00 PM-6:30 PM: Networking, Appetizers and Open Bar

Speaker Profiles

Rick Kash (Speaker)
CEO, The Cambridge Group

Rick Kash is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Cambridge Group, which specializes in Growth Strategy Consulting. He is the author of the book, THE NEW LAW OF DEMAND AND SUPPLY (Currency/Doubleday; September 2002). Demand Strategy is the Intellectual Capital Cambridge uses with its clients. In addition to The Cambridge Group, he co-founded Spectra Marketing Systems. Rick serves on a number of community and business boards and speaks frequently to business groups on the subject of business growth. Along with John Mackey and Jack Kemp, he founded the National Football League Players Awards Dinner which has raised over $27 million for underprivileged children. Rick is a member of the United States Senate Business Forum which advises Senators and Cabinet members on national matters affecting the economy and U.S. business performance. He serves as the Chairman of Genus Oncology, a cancer research partnership with Harvard’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Rick is a native of Chicago, is a graduate of DePaul University, and works from The Cambridge Group offices in Chicago.

David L. Calhoun (Speaker)
Executive Board Chief Executive Officer, The Nielsen Company

David L. Calhoun is Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer of The Nielsen Company. He was appointed to this role in August 2006. Prior to joining Nielsen, Dave served as Vice Chairman of The General Electric Company and President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Infrastructure, the largest of six GE business units. Under Dave’s leadership, this business contributed over $47 billion in revenues and $9 billion in profits to the company, driven by a team of over 120,000 employees around the world. During his 26 year career with General Electric, Dave served as President and Chief Executive Officer of multiple business units, including GE Lighting, GE Employers Reinsurance Company, GE Aircraft Engines, GE Transportation (Aircraft and Rail) and ultimately GE Infrastructure. Earlier in his career at General Electric, Dave held a wide range of operating, finance, and marketing roles across the corporate team as well as within GE Plastics and GE Capital. Dave joined GE after graduating from Virginia Tech in 1979. Dave sits on the Board of Directors of The Boeing Corporation and Medtronic, Inc. and is a member of Virginia Tech’s Pamplin Advisory Council, which advises the university on student and alumni issues.


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