Making Van Gogh: Join the Ivy Circle Rhein Main prior to the monthly Ivy Circle Stammtisch to attend this exhibit in the Städel Museum.


Staedel Museum
Schaumainkai 63
Frankfurt, Germany

Event Details

The exhibition focuses on the creation of the "legend of Van Gogh" around 1900 as well as his significance to modern art in Germany. It unites more than 120 paintings and works on paper and is the most comprehensive presentation in Germany to include works by the painter for nearly 20 years.

Afterwards, we will meet at the nearby "Zum Gemalten Haus", a traditional Apelwein restaurant in Sachsenhausen for a drink / dinner.


16 EUR Ticket for the Exhibit

Please purchase your ticket soon online using the following Link:
(Timed ticket option under Städel exhibitions for 1/30 at 4:30pm).


Register By Email

Deadline: 1/29/2020


Andrea Fuchs, '09 (EXP-14)