Join us for a lecture by Engelbert Dockner, Professor of Finance at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). Professor Dockner will speak about the pioneering approaches of Yale and Harvard on their university endowment management.


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While many European universities are traditionally part of the public sector and state financed, the majority of US universities has built up large pools of real and financial assets, so called university endowments, and developed investment strategies that play an important role in the financing of their operations. This talk provides insight into the investment strategies of large US university endowments and highlights the roles of Harvard and Yale. It also presents the portfolio management program of WU in which students invest money based on the Harvard and Yale investment strategies.


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Deadline: 9/15/2010

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Prof. Engelbert Dockner (Speaker)
Professor of Finance, Vienna University of Economics and Business


Mario Schlener, '09 (EXP-14) 

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After the presentation and the discussion – which will both be in English – refreshments and finger food will be served.