The IMD Alumni Club France invites Chicago Booth alumni to an evening with Claude Meyer, l'Ifri Center Consultant Asia, professor at PSIA-Science-Po at the Maison des Polytechniciens.


Maison des Polytechniciens
2, rue de Poitiers
Paris, France

Event Details

During the evening, Claude Meyer will share his views on the theme: "The West facing the rebirth of China: confrontation or lucid dialogue?" Note: the conference will be conducted in FRENCH.

Faced with a West suffering from a form of democratic fatigue, China is resolutely pursuing its march towards the superpower. This Chinese challenge, today economic and geopolitical, will also be ideological and cultural. Rivalry for world supremacy, incompatible political visions, clash of cultures, will relations between China and the West be dominated by confrontation? Or could one sketch the outlines of an open but demanding Sino-Western dialogue without angelism or demonization?

This is the question asked by Claude Meyer in his latest book "The West facing the rebirth of China", which will serve as a frame for his intervention.

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Deadline: 2/13/2019


Pierre Courteille, ’04 (AXP-3)