Booth Angels - Monthly Meeting with Company Pitches. Our Core group has been busy. We will have Companies pitching to us for investment.

Event Hosted at Edmodo in San Mateo.


1200 Park Pl
San Mateo, California

Event Details

Booth Angels - There has been very high energy and interest among our alumni, and a capable core team has been busy preparing to make this September Angel event memorable!  

We have had two great workshops and from them are now synthesizing our group's mission, strategy and approach.  We will present this in October in a follow-on workshop(s) to be announced.

During this entire process, a number of us have realized this is really a community and so have raised our hands to help make this happen - including deal sourcing, due diligence, getting the group's website planned, ACA membership prep, and organizing the venue for September.  It's not too late for you to get involved too!

We've had a number of companies submit to present to us on 9/24/18 and we are in process of selecting the final 3-4 to present to our group.  We are looking at which companies to fill the remaining 1-2 slots, so if you know a high-quality company looking for funding, please let us know!  After all, there's never too much deal flow.  It's all of you who will ensure we get a look at the best deals out there.

For this 9/24 event, Edmodo has been kind enough to host us at their office.

Date/Time: 9/24/18 @ 6:30-9pm

Location: Edmodo, 1200 Park Pl, San Mateo, CA 94403



- Appetizers & Drinks will be included in your nominal registration fee.  Please do sign-up!

- Following some mixing, we will be providing some quick updates on the Group, what's transpired in the last couple months, etc.

- Then we will get into company pitches (target 3 of them).  Each one will be about 12 mins, followed by 5 mins of questions.  

- At the end, we will ask the companies to step outside while we discuss investor interest and next steps for each of them.  Based on interest, we will elect a deal champion to lead next steps on a deal-by-deal basis.

We will then cap off the night with some more mingling with investors/companies prior to finishing around 9pm or so.


15.00 in advance. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash upon arrival, please pre-register.


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Deadline: 9/24/2018

Speaker Profiles

Ryan Humphreys (Moderator) '07
Booth Angel, Booth BAAN

Ryan Humphreys graduated Booth in 2007, co-founded Hyde Park Angels and has been both an angel and entrepreneur for the last 15 years.


Nikki Zapanta