Join fellow alums for a blind wine testing with University of Chicago Emeritus Professor, Roman Weil. 


Movember Foundation
8559 Higuera St
Culver City, California

Event Details

You will have an experience different than other tastings you may have attended. How? No one will tell you how the wine should taste or how valuable that wine will decide those factors.

You will be blind testing three different wines (cost varies from $25 to $75 per bottle). For each type of wine, you will have three glasses - two will be the same, one will differ. Then, the fun begins! Can you taste the difference? Can you match the wine with its description by an expert (for example, which wine has a hint of cherries)?

Roman will teach you a bit about wine. You will learn more about what you like. The person who makes the most correct identifications will get a bottle of wine as a prize (even if the percentage is less than 50%). This session will be tailored and appropriate for newbies as well as experienced wine drinkers.

Afterwards, a self-hosted dinner will be offered to continue the discussion and wine consumption after the event.




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Deadline: 10/27/2018


Elizabeth Evans, '84