Join Booth and UChicago Alumni at our Venture Series Event featuring Charles Beyrouthy
Co-Founder & CEO, LabCloud Inc.


Wilson Sonsini
37th Floor
28 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts

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As a startup, LabCloud Inc. originated in 2013 as biotech informatics company with the concept of bench research and data integration with analysis and development. Along the way, LabCloud opportunistically discovered a niche in biotech eCommerce and supply chain and moved away from being "just another bioinformatics company". Currently, the company has established major vendor and supplier relationships and offers an eCommerce solution tailored to the needs of biotech companies, incubators, and venture development companies.




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Deadline: 3/19/2018

Speaker Profiles

Charles Beyrouthy (Speaker)
Co-Founder & CEO, LabCloud Inc.

Charles Beyrouthy has worked at numerous institutions in Applied and Theoretical Medical, Pharmaceutical & Material Science Research, as well as Engineering and Process Design Consulting, both in the United States and internationally. Charles is responsible for Business Development & Operations at LabCloud, Inc.


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