The Chicago Booth Angels Network will be hosting its Winter pitch event in London.


Chicago Booth in London
Woolgate Exchange, 1st floor
25 Basinghall Street
London, United Kingdom

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Companies announced to pitch are:

Student Tennant
A central online location for students to find accommodation are the largest national online student letting agent in the UK. They are growing rapidly and today work with over 3,000 private landlords, private student hall providers and directly with universities, advertising over 35,000 beds, while starting their international expansion in Barcelona and Singapore. offers landlords listings as well as additional services such as tenancy agreements, deposit handling and a full-service management package. They had a record revenue month in January 2018, recently launched the sector's first 'Find a Housemate' tool and are developing the UK's first advertising portal for the rapidly growing Build-to-Rent sector.

Raising: £800k (£310 raised)
Pre-money: £4.5 million

QMA Analytics
Quantitative models and proprietary data for institutional traders and portfolio managers

QMA Analytics delivers quantitative models and proprietary data via Bloomberg and Reuters to help institutional traders and portfolio managers make more money. Our Research-as-a-Service focuses on high-value problems that platform providers and their clients haven't solved.

We enhance the value of incumbent platforms by enriching the content they provide to clients and enhance market efficiency by helping traders exploit anomalies and mispricings in the financial and commodities markets.

Raising: £1 million
Pre-money: £9 million

Predictive analytics and portfolio optimisation for real estate investors

Beekin offers predictive analytics in a SaaS model to investors in real estate. It is building the world's largest asset bureau for real estate, using private data of rent and value from pension funds, family offices and asset managers. In future, this data will be used to build benchmarks and indices.

Founded by Vidur Gupta (Booth MBA'10), Beekin was born out of Vidur's personal experience as an investor at a $21BB PE fund. True to the Chicago school's essence, Beekin's mission, is to build an efficient market for real estate, a $210 trillion asset class globally, using data and AI.

Raising: £500k
Pre-money: £2 million

Ampersand & Ampersand
Clinician-approved, award winning, chronic condition management platform

Chronic or long term conditions (LTCs) account for 80% of premature deaths worldwide and for 70% of the NHS's budgets. Ampersand is a social impact business committed to using digital to help solve the challenges surrounding the care and treatment of patients with LTCs. Working with leading NHS trusts, national charities and global top 20 pharma companies, Ampersand has developed and launched HealthSuite, a self-management platform for gastroenterology and rheumatology related diseases (with other therapy areas to follow).

Trials at Barts Health and Kings College Hospital have shown that use of the platform results in a 50-75% reduction in the number of outpatient visits (a saving of £200-300/patient/year), reduced work up times by up to 30% for those appointments that did happen, and a considerable improvement in patient experience.

HealthSuite, which comprises a SAAS platform for clinicians and a series of condition specific mobile apps for patients, is now in use at 13 trusts with a further 17 pending.

Raising: £350k
Pre-money: £3 million

Business Intelligence tools for the mobility universe

Travel AI software enables mobility providers, car OEMs, government transportation authorities, and other mobility players to seamlessly capture customer data for end-to-end multi-modal transport service design, planning and business modelling. Product was developed using transport specific ML techniques to generate rich proprietary data (7 million multi-modal miles).

Travel AI is in pilot stage with 5 cities testing product-market fit via a £2.1m InnovateUK project (Catch) and is launching pilots with two FTSE100 and DJIA30 companies that go live late April. The team is led by Andreas 'Zac' Zachariah and has 10 years continuous Android and iOS OS experience, data science, and sensor skills.

Raising: £1 million
Pre-money: £4.2 million

Desktop factory (3D-like printers) to create professional-grade products for professionals, educators, and hobbyists

Mayku develops tools that allows professional designers, educators, and hobbyists to make professional-grade products in minutes through the use of a small and robust printer-like machine (100x faster than a 3D printer).

Mauku pre-sold £750k of the FormBox, the first product, to 2200 customers. Manufacturing is set up for scale, with a capacity of 4,500 per month. Mayku signed up the UK's largest technology distributor and are on track for £2.8m revenue in 2018. Mayku also sells a range of consumables to go with their machines that provide a recurring revenue stream.
Mayku is founded and led by a team of ex-entrepreneurs and product designers.

Raising: £300k (£525 raised)
Pre-money: £4 million

Coaching assembly
A two-sided marketplace that allows recruiters to discover and hire candidates faster, at lower transaction costs, and with greater precision for their needs.

CoachingAssembly is the marketplace for smart recruiters who want to run their recruitment process from one-single place. Coaching Assembly aims at bringing the Recruiting ecosystem on one unique platform. Clients love them for their: - multi-posting engine to University job boards across Europe and North America - a proprietary database of 30K+ candidates - an ultra easy-to-use yet powerful Talent Hiring System. Through the marketplace, recruitments are transparent, fast and 3x cheaper than traditional recruitment agencies.

Raising £600k
Pre-money £2.5 million

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19:00 Pitches
20:00 Networking Reception


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