What's the Big Idea?

Consulting Roundtable

March 25, 2010: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

When we are creating a business or brand, or re-launching a product or service, we know it needs to satisfy a market need, but it also needs a descriptive message to capture the imagination of its customers and communicate it’s value proposition. How do you tap into your product’s identity and come up with that “Big Idea”? Come to this interactive, fun workshop to experience seizing that analysis and creativity and channeling it into creating a compelling, get-noticed response to being new, being in a crowded marketplace, or a hypercompetitive industry.


Gleacher Center
Room 600
450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, Illinois

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That’s the question all good consultants ask their clients because it takes a clear, powerful Big Idea to create effective advertising and marcom. Anything less, and clients risk wasting time, money and brand equity with confusing scattergun communications. Vince Vassolo has been creating Big Ideas for a wide variety of clients for over 40 years, both as an ad agency Creative Director and corporate MarCom Director. He knows that effective branding starts with creating a Big Idea that customers can quickly and easily wrap their minds around and act on. That’s why he created the Big Idea Blueprint decades ago. Tonight’s assignment will be to create a Big Idea for a brand that’s in Big Trouble. No, not Tiger, but Toyota. We’ll do an actual Big Idea Blueprint to come up with a credible, creative theme that can be used as the basis for the company’s advertising and marcom. One that will help this once stellar brand win back customers. So bring your creativity and be prepared to participate, because the best way to learn how to brainstorm and create Big Ideas is to actually do it using a tool like Vim, Vigor & Vassolo’s “Big Idea Blueprint”. Big Ideas are almost always expressed as a theme of no more than a dozen words, rather than lots of marketing platform statements. After we’re done with the exercise, if time permits, we can talk about some of your Big Ideas, so bring some of your own examples.


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6:00 PM-6:30 PM: Registration & Networking

6:30 PM-8:00 PM: Presentation/Workshop

Speaker Profiles

Vince Vassolo (Speaker)
Founder, Vim, Vigor and Vassolo

VV&V is an advertising agency specializing in marketing to the Boomer Consumer. Vince Vassolo, it’s founder, is an advertising and marcom veteran with a master’s and post-graduate professional certificate in clinical gerontology. That unusual combination of experience, expertise and training have established him as a pioneer in the field of Creative GeroMarketing™. Vince has decades of experience creating advertising and marketing communications on both the agency and client sides. As a copywriter and creative director he’s worked at some of the world’s most demanding ad agencies, including Leo Burnett, Y&R, McCann and Foote, Cone. He’s also served as director of marketing communications with companies like Verascape, FansEdge and Rockwell International. Drawing on decades of brainstorming and Big Idea-generating experience, Vince will take you on an exciting journey that will challenge your creativity, broaden your perspective, and help you bring more imagination to your clients now, when they need it most.


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