We’ve all seen the conundrum of success and adaptability play out- one breakthrough and a whole company gets built around that product and its processes, then the market shifts or globalizes or tastes change and the company/division/person is locked in to that MO. How do we keep market awareness, creativity and adaptability alive? At a time when several industries are being torn apart, our crystal ball does not tell us what the US or global economic system will look like in two years, much less five or ten. But there are a few core principles that are key to sustainable success. Adam Hartung has presented to audiences around the world and has guided Spark Partners’ work with companies large and small in re-focusing on white space, and those core principles of analysis of the market, of competitors, and of customers. His book, published by Financial Times Press in 2008, sold out it’s first printing in four months, and will be available for sale to CRT members for $20 (normally $28).


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Things have shifted. The future will never again look like the past. The global financial system is still in aftershock mode, and terra firma is hard to find for those seeking financing. Layoffs abound, and one could think all business has stopped, waiting for new government programs to potentially return us to old business practices. Yet, we know we're in the “new normal,” and all of us have to change. Fear is rampant, yet we know humor and feel-good approaches will not make us successful again. Adam Hartung tells everyone how they can retake control of their destiny. Focusing on the future, obsessing about competitors, undertaking disruptions without fear and using White Space to try new things can turn around lives, work teams, functional groups, business units, companies and even entire industries - NOW. Not only does 12 years of research bear this out, but four years of uncannily accurate forecasts have demonstrated that changing behavior can assure improved performance and success. No matter your group's age, size, industry, history or goals Adam Hartung has the sure-fire way to renew your success formula and turn recession into rewards.


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Adam Hartung (Speaker)
Managing Partner, Spark Partners

Adam Hartung is Managing Partner of Spark Partners, a suburban Chicago consulting firm focused on innovation, growth strategies and achieving above-average performance. Adam helps companies, functional groups and even individuals produce and sustain above average performance. By understanding the causes of organizational Lock-in, his clients overcome obstacles to improved performance, and they produce superior results through effective scenario planning, competitor analysis, internal and marketplace Disruptions and White Space implementation. Adam started, financed and sold three start-up companies, and is still an active angel investor. He has consulted as part of The Boston Consulting Group, Coopers & Lybrand, Index and Computer Sciences Corporation. He ran Business Development, implementing innovation and creating growth delivering above-average returns with PepsiCo and DuPont. He was awarded an MBA with Distinction from the Harvard Business School, and is author of Create Marketplace Disruption: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition, Financial Times Press, 2008. His contact information and web site is: 847.726.8465 Adam@SparkPartners.com www.ThePhoenixPrinciple.com


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