The Chicago Booth Wealth Management Roundtable is proud to invite you to its next event. Our guest Dr. Thomas Druyen, Professor at the Sigmund Freud Universität, coined the notion of "Vermögenskultur" in the German speaking world. Professor Druyen will speak on "Die Psychologie des Wohlstandes im interkulturellen Vergleich" ("The Psychology of Wealth - a Cross-cultural Comparison"). *Please note, the speech will be in German. "Despite the financial crisis the impact of the wealthy on society continues to increase worldwide. Some of them, like Warren Buffet, are looked upon as role models in both finance and philanthropy. Others, like Ingvar Kamprad and Azim Premji, stand for virtue and social entrepreneurship. Still, the public and the media primarily focus on excessive behaviour and lavish lifestyles. But in effect, this behaviour is exhibited by a minority among the wealthy. As a multi-dimensional resource wealth creates influence and responsibility. We have made this phenomenon a focus of thorough research. During the last couple of years we have made surprising discoveries and facilitated new insights into the culture of wealth," Professor Druyen elaborates.


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The Wealth Management Roundtable is a forum to exchange views on best practices, regulatory challenges, communications, relationship issues and learning opportunities of international wealth managers and their clients. Fairness, professionalism and mutual support extend to all aspects of the dialogue. The meetings take place three times a year in London, Frankfurt and Zurich in cooperation with a national Chicago Booth Alumni Club. They start with the presentation of a recognized industry expert, are followed by debate and continue with an informal business dinner.


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Thomas Druyen (Speaker)

Professor Thomas Druyen is a sociologist, researcher, and best-selling author. He established the first worldwide research initiative for the study of the Social Responsibility of Wealth, and founded the Department of Comparative Asset Psychology (Vergleichende Vermögenskultur) at the Sigmund Freud Universität in Vienna, Austria. He has lectured at the University of Györ in Hungary, Freie Universität Berlin and Westfälische Wilhelms Universität. Thomas Druyen has worked extensively as advisor to financial, political and industry leaders throughout Europe, and has served as Director of the Demographics Consulting Department at LGT, Germany, the private bank of the Royal Liechtenstein Family. He has been committed to a number of Philanthropic research organisations, including the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation in Switzerland. He also continues to serve as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the Dialogue of Generations and the Kloster Steinfeld Foundation. In early 2007, the publication of Professor Druyen's book, Goldkinder, Die Welt des Vermögens, caused a stir in German-speaking popular culture, as well as on the academic and philanthropic circuits. Other publications include a variety of academic articles and conference talks in Sociology, and several other books.


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