Please join the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Spain and the INSEAD Alumni Association of Spain for a lunch and talk with Jordi Pujol entitled "My Vision of the Spanish Economy: Past, Present and Future."


Círculo Ecuestre
Balmes 169 BIS
Barcelona, Spain


70 €


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Due to strict space limitations, please register promptly by email and send payment in advance to confirm your Registration. Payment is by bank transfer to the following account: 2100-1769-86-0200094060 (with Francisco Trullenque as beneficiary and indicating in the details your full name to allow tracking). Reimbursement policy: payment will be reimbursed only if a written cancellation request is sent to the registration email no later than 24 hours prior to the event. Please note, business attire is mandatory.

Deadline: 11/3/2008

Speaker Profiles

Jordi Pujol (Speaker)
former President of La Generalitat de Catalunya


Francisco Trullenque, '02 (EXP-7)